Action Following Co-op Armed Robbery

Following the armed robbery at Norden’s Co-op a few weeks ago, and subsequent robberies at other stores in the borough I am pleased to report that I have secured funding for an additional CCTV camera to be installed in the village.  This camera will be positioned on the new post office and will significantly increase the area that our camera network covers, benefitting many local businesses and residents.

I have also spoken to our police team and asked what action is being taken to ensure that our shops, shoppers, and the people who work in those stores, often late at night, are kept safe.  They have assured me that this is part of a strategic priority which is being coordinated as part of a Greater Manchester-wide intelligence-led operation.  They are also working with crime prevention staff from stores to make sure that measures are in please to help prevent these kinds of robberies and keep staff and shoppers safe.