Highway Repairs Must be Done Properly – First Time, Every Time

Service provision from contractors dealing with Rochdale’s highways was on the agenda at last night’s Overview and Scrutiny meeting.  I had the opportunity to challenge officers and the portfolio holder on the quality of pothole repairs that are being made in the borough.

It was noted that there are many complaints from members of the public about potholes which must be returned to, following repair, because they quickly reopen, sometimes in a worse condition than the original hole.

The officer explained that should any pothole repair fail and have to be re-repaired within two years of the initial job, the additional costs are covered by the contractor, not the council.  This was reassuring to hear and I am sure that the public will agree that it is good to know that we are holding our service providers accountable for poor quality work.

However, as a council, we are here to provide a quality service to local taxpayers.  Constant repair work on our highways is an annoyance to taxpayers, it causes congestion, and disruption for drivers and we must be ensuring that our contractors are doing the best job every time so that re-work, whoever is paying for it, is avoided. That is why I have asked that, when the new service contract is agreed, officers consider including additional penalties for contractors who fail to deliver the required quality of service.  We must ensure that our contractors are fully committed to delivering the required quality and service, first time, every time.