Face-to-Face PACT Meeting Return in Norden

I am delighted to see that our calls for face-to-face PACT (Police and Community Together) meetings to be restarted in Norden have been successful.

PACT meetings have traditionally taken place every month in Norden and are a great opportunity for us to get together with members of the public, Homewatch coordinators and our community policing team to discuss important issues in our area.

The meetings were controversially stopped last year when a ‘virtual’ system was tried out.  Unfortunately, this was not a great success and thanks to sustained pressure and a track record of very well attended meetings in Norden the face-to-face PACT meetings are set to return in February.

We have a number of Homewatch coordinators who attend the meetings and help to share and circulate information between officers and their neighbours.  If you would like to set up a Homewatch in your street please get in touch and I will be happy to assist.