People Keep Asking for my View on Brexit

Although I am a local candidate, in a local election and I am campaigning on important local issues, I want to address the national question of Brexit because it is such an emotive issue right now.  I want to be respectful to the electorate and feel that on such a significant issue it is right that people know my personal views.

I want to make my position very clear.  I campaigned and voted to leave, and still believe, as I always have, that we are a great country and, on balance, will be better off out of the EU.  That is the view I have personally communicated to ministers in our party.

I have been contacted many times over the past weeks and months about Brexit and the mood in our constituency has very much been one of despair and disbelief about what is happening in Westminster.

In 2016, a record number of people voted to remain or leave, I believe that we must respect the democratic outcome of that referendum.  What is happening in parliament at the moment is infuriating me.  There are some MPs, from all sides, who are doing all that they can to undermine the democratic process, including our own MP for Heywood and Middleton.  They should be ashamed of themselves as they are totally disrespecting the public.

I’m not just a Councillor, I also work in manufacturing, so I see Brexit from a real-world perspective.  We export products to the EU as well as the rest of the world and the issues Brexit brings are not insurmountable. I am sure that we can deliver the Brexit that people voted for and still flourish as a nation.  Many other business people that I speak to are of a similar mind, even those that originally voted to remain.  They are actually more frustrated now with the delays, as it is costing them a fortune to stand still with no decision.  We just need to leave so that everything can move forward.

I understand that people who contact me and many others are rightly frustrated at the way Brexit is playing out.  Whilst I feel the same, I am ultimately reassured to know that the majority of members of the Conservative Party, in Westminster, are still fighting for the right outcome.  Those are the people that I am giving my support to on behalf of local people who voted to leave and others who didn’t but now just want to see us conclude Brexit as soon as possible so that we can move forward.